Thursday, March 30, 2017

So Many Great Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Gifts--Gotta see these!

It's that time again.....Time to come up with a unique and fun gift to thank your children's teachers. Well we have a LOT of really great things for you to purchase as a digital file or as a kit.  The kits come with the supplies you need to create something memorable for teacher. They are super simple and easy to put together.  Our digital files are something you just download and print.  Take a look at all the things we've got going this year.

Give teacher a "chocolate" apple this year instead of the real thing.  Who doesn't have a "sweet tooth"

(KIT) These candy bar wrappers are brand new this year. You can choose from a black polkadot wrap or a red polkadot wrap or you can get some of each one.  Fill a container full of these Hershey candy bars or top a present with one. Since we include a cellophane bag, you can consider it already "Gift Wrapped"  Sooooo easy.

Now it's Gift Wrapped

And now it is gift wrapped, complete with a To-From Tag. If you can glue then you can put these Teacher Appreciation gifts together. You can purchase the 1.55 oz Hershey bars at Costco

wrap holds a 1.55 oz regular sized Hershey Bar

You can opt to have all red polkadot wraps, all black polkadot wraps or a mixture of the two. We bought our Hershey bars at Costco-36 for around $22.00.  You can also find them in your local grocery store or Walmart in packs of 6 for around $3.99.

CLICK HERE for "You're the Apple of my Eye" candy bar wraps

(KIT) This design is also new this year.  There are five candy bar wraps in 5 different colors with 5 different messages. We filled a container we bought at Hobby Lobby and I think it looks so great. The container reminded me of a kids locker. They cab be purchased online or at the store.  

Now it's Gift Wrapped!!!

CLICK HERE for these  candy bar wrapers

(KIT) All teachers LOVE getting gift cards and we have a gift card holder here that makes it even more special. It's a great way to gift wrap a gift card.  You can put who it is from on the white round tag if you like. Ships same or next day! (all our kits ship same or next day) 

CLICK HERE for these gift card holders

(KIT) Do you know a teacher that is AWESOME!  Then this Hershey candy bar wrapper is the one for them.  You could also give this to others who do a lot of nice things for you, not just for teacher.  It is so cute and so easy to put together. Everything is provided except for glue and the 1.55 oz Hershey bar.  Definitely a unique gift! 

Here's a close-up so you can see how pretty it is and how easy.  The tag comes with the daisy already attached. All you do is tie the twine for the stems, adhere the flowers to the wrap, add the centers (with foam dots) and attach the tag. Super easy instructions are always included.

How about giving the teacher a report card for Teacher Appreciation. The report card is wrapped around a Hershey chocolate bar.  She will LOVE it! One for each of the kid's teachers  Even the jr high and senior high school kids could give these to their teachers.

How do your teachers stack up? 

The #1 Teacher medal comes pre-made.  All you do is glue and you're done!  Slip it inside the clear cellophane bag that is included in kit, add the tag and now it's "gift wrapped" for the teacher.  Easy for the kids to take to school. Such a simple but fun gift for teacher.

Click HERE for this candy bar wrap

Brand new this year is our "You're Awesome, Thanks for all you do" gift card holders. What a great gift for Teacher Appreciation. Teachers LOVE getting gift cards and now you can wrap one up in something that already looks like a gift. It's a kit that is soooooo simple to assemble.

If you can glue, tie a bow and use scissors, you're in!

This gift card holder would also be great for the following purposes:

Employee Recognition
Co-Workers gifts
Corporate Gifts
Teacher Appreciation
Recognition awards
Incentive awards
Office party gifts
Incentives for kids

Click HERE for this AWESOME gift card holder


Click HERE to see ALL of our Teacher Appreciation Designs including the ones above.

All our Kits Ship out Same or Next Day! 


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Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Very Special Easter Candy Bar Wrap for Baskets, Friends, Teachers, Co-Workers, Party Favors and More!

We've got something fun for Easter.....something you can put in the Easter baskets, give to family and friends and even to co-workers, teachers  and employees.  It's a Hershey chocolate bar wrap with a Easter Bunny theme.  The carrot cutouts are a 3D version and look delightful agains the white scalloped paper.  The sign actually says "Hoppy Easter" but can be interpreted as "Happy Easter"  The wrap is designed exclusively for a regular sized Hershey chocolate bar (1.55 oz)  Just the right amount of chocolate.  

You could also use as a place card for the middle of the dinner plate or up at the top by the drinking glass.  It will definitely dress up your Easter table. Slip the candy bar and wrap into the provided cellophane bag and you've gift wrapped them in seconds.

 There are two pink designs, one with white polkadots and one a solid pink. You can choose to have half and half in your order or all polkadot or all solid-It's totally up to you.

Would make a great party favor too. 

Pink for the girls and blue for the boys

    A very nice addition to the Easter basket, whether for the young kids or the older ones.

The wraps just make it all that more special.  Very simple and easy to follow instructions are included with the kit.  

Be sure to order early, once we run out of the supplies they are gone!!

CLICK HERE to get these Easter Candy Bar Wraps now! 


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Check out our New Teacher Appreciation Candy Bar Wrappers-So Much Fun To Give!

We've been on a roll lately with fun ideas for Hershey candy bar wraps. I will confess that I LOVE Hershey chocolate and here's our newest design for a Teacher Appreciation gift. What better way to say  "THANKS" to your children's teachers than with a Hershey chocolate bar and a sweet message. Our kit is super simple to put together. Whether you're  a beginning crafter or a seasoned crafter you can put these together with no problems.  Give teacher something unique, new and sweet! 

We purchased this container at Hobby Lobby. It was $5.99 after using the 50% coupon.  Then we filled it with brown crinkle paper. (you can find crinkle paper at The Dollar Store for $1)  You could also get a large clear cellophane bag to put the whole thing in. The Paper Store and More in Orem, Ut has large clear bags just for this purpose.

5 different messages for the teacher makes this such a fun gift.  All the supplies are included....all you need is glue and a Hershey Bar. Easy to follow instructions are included.

Each kit comes with 5 wraps in 5 different colors and 5 different messages. (red, green, orange, yellow and blue)  You can order up to 5 kits if you like.

Also included in the kit are clear cellophane bags so you can "Gift Wrap" each individual wrapped candy bar. Just fill out the tag and tie it up with the twine.

This container is just the right size to put the 5 candy bar wraps inside but any container will work. A apple crate, apple basket or any wire baskets will work. Hobby Lobby has an amazing assortment of baskets to choose from.

CLICK HERE to get our Candy Bar Wraps for your Teacher Appreciation Gift!


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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Have You Seen Our Brand New St. Patrick's Day Candy Bar Wrappers and Hershey Nugget Wraps?

One of our favorite holidays will be arriving soon so we wanted to design a new candy bar wrap that just screams "St Patrick's Day"  They make great party favors, classroom treats, lunchbox treats, Teacher Appreciation and more.  They were designed specifically for the regular sized chocolate Hershey bars.....that makes them a SWEET treat.  It's a kit where everything you need is supplied, except the Hershey bar and your favorite glue.

The center of the shamrock consists of a green flower with a brad. Multiple colors of Shamrock green brads are included in the kit.  Super simple to put together.  There is even a green candy dot for the "i" in Irish.  The tag "Luck of the Irish is elevated with two foam dots.

These candy Irish candy bar wraps would be so much fun to take to the office and give your employees or co-workers. Sure to bring a smile to their faces. 

Our next newest addition are these cute Lucky Clover nugget wraps.  Each one comes with a double shamrock and a sparkly green candy dot on top.  Before topping the Hershey chocolate Nugget with shamrocks you wrap a piece of ribbon around it.  They are also a kit. 

A tray and clear cellophane bag are also included so you can "Gift Wrap" the chocolate. Just add the 'Luck of the Irish" tag and twine and you've got something sweet AND fun!  Four chocolate nuggets per set, just enough chocolate for their sweet tooth. 

Sets of 6, 8 or 12 are many friends, co-workers or employees do you have? Also perfect for Teacher Appreciation. Give out the "Luck of the Irish" this St. Patrick's Day.....

All these and MORE St. Patrick's Day items available in our Etsy shop. CLICK HERE


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Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Valentine Treat for Someone Sweet-Hershey Candy Bar Wrappers for Valentine's Day

Take it from a chocoholic......It's so nice to receive chocolate, especially one that is all dressed up for the upcoming holiday. Valentine's Day chocolates are the best!  We've combined two shades of pink and put them on a background of grey for a sophisticated look.   The message we've added to the wrap is one that is appropriate for anyone you know....At least the "sweet" ones. (ha!)

It's a kit that you assemble.  The heart wreath comes fully assembled. All you do is glue the heart wreath it to the top of your wrap.  Then, using a foam dot, you attach the message tag in the center of the wreath. So easy!!!

We've designed the wrap to fit a 1.55 oz Hershey Bar (regular size bar)  

You can purchase Hershey Bars in a 6 pack at a very reasonable price. You can get them packaged that way in grocery stores, Walmart etc. 

We are included a heart shaped tag where you can write "To and From"  If you don't need the tag just leave it off of the wrap.  Who would you give one of these to? 

Mail carriers
Best Friends
School Secretary and Principle
Your Hair Stylist
Ladies you Visit Teach
Your Sweetheart
The Kids
and your Neighbors

Be sure to get yours early



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