Vinyl Application

Your quote sheet comes as pre-spaced roll of letters made up of 3 layers: 

            top layer = transfer sticking paper (through which you can see the letters)
            middle layer = the letters themselves 
            bottom layer = white and shiny backing paper



First wash the wall or area where you want to apply wall saying and let it dry over night. If you have painted your walls wait at least 2 weeks before applying quote. Letters will not stick to a wall that is dirty or dusty. Next, burnish your quote- get something like a credit card and rub over the top of the lettering to ensure the letters will stick to the sticky paper. Line up and tape your lettering. The tape itself acts as a hinge to flip up the lettering. You can see the lettering through the semi-transparent top layer (transfer sticking paper) Please take your time.


 Flip up the lettering and peel the stiff backing paper off pulling it back over itself having with it flat against the wall as you pull it from right to left. (picture shows pulling the paper up into the air but do not do this) Let the lettering fall back into position on the wall.


Using a wooden edger, or a credit card, rub over the lettering to securely adhere them to the wall. Work from the center out on both sides letting the wooden edger act as a squeegee over the lettering


Carefully and slowly peel off the transfer sticking paper to reveal your letters and you’re done! (picture shows pulling the sticky paper off up into the air-do not do this) Pull the stiff paper off and back over itself, having it flat against the wall while pulling from right to left, creasing the edge of the paper over the letter if needed-this will help the letter pop off the stiff paper onto the sticky paper.

If you have a large wall saying (or even a small wall saying) and find the above technique difficult, try the following: Before separating the two pieces, put the wall saying on the area you wish to apply it to and place a mark on the top of the right and the left corner so you’ll know where to put it when you’re ready to apply it. Next, burnish your quote-use something like a credit card to rub over the top of all of the lettering to ensure it is sticking to the sticky paper. Then, sitting at a table, place the side with the graph lines facing up, peel the stiffer paper back pulling the paper back over itself flat on the table (don't pull the paper up into the air or the letters will stay in the stiff paper) leaving the letters on the sticky paper. 

If you are having trouble getting the letters from the stiff paper to the sticky paper use an exacto knife to loosen it from the stiff paper and down onto the sticky paper but be careful not to cut the lettering. You can also put the paper back down on the letter(s) and rub it again and then pull the paper up again. The most important step in order to be successful is to pull the stiff paper back over itself, pushing it flat on the table as you pull it off. Do this step and you will be able to successfully separate the two papers leaving the letters on the sticky paper.

When pulled apart apply the quote to the wall, matching the top right and left marks to the corners of the top right and left corners on the quote. Rub over the letters. Then pull the sticky paper off the wall starting at the top right corner. 

We are not responsible for vinyl application skills or removal nor the surface it is applied to. The customers application skills, good or bad, does not entitle the customer to a refund or a new wall quote free of cost. However, if you damage the vinyl while applying it we’ll replace the damaged section or letter for free, you only pay the postage costs for the replacement or you can purchase a replacement at a discounted price plus shipping. You may return an Unopened package in New condition within 7 days.

If you are struggling with the application email us and we'll help you through it